Research Task

Spatial Programme Lecture

I watched a video lecture about spatial programme, making notes and reflecting on the information. The image was a bathroom containing a sink, a cabinet mirror, a shower cubicle and a toilet. When designing any space it’s important to consider the user. This image doesn’t consider all humans. It doesn’t consider smaller people or children, or wheelchair users. Spatially there is room to open the door to the bathroom without knocking into the sink or toilet but there certainly wouldn’t be enough room for a wheelchair user to access and move around comfortably. A child would be able to access the toilet easily but wouldn’t be able to see in the mirror or reach the mirror cabinet, which in one sense is not a bad idea as non child friendly items could be kept out of reach of children this way. The shower cubicle has it’s door at an angle so this is a good use of space and opens outwards leaving enough space to enter and exit. The materials used on the walls and floor are tiles and would be easy to clean but the floor tiles would need a grip on them to prevent slipping when wet. There is no bath mat, which is very important, very little amount of shelving within the shower cubicle and where the toilet roll is placed are so important but in this instance hasn’t been considered very well. Practicality for storage has been considered though within the sink unit and the mirror cabinet.

So, reflecting on the video and what I have learned from it, we must always consider the user when designing a space. Understanding the activities that will be carried out within the space will make an impact on the design, as well as choosing the most suitable materials, again with the user in mind. Entering a space that is comfortable and easy to navigate is vital, adding colour and texture will elevate the senses but ultimately the space must work for the intentions of the user.

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