Research Task

Point of Reflection 2

I have revisited my chosen case study from the previous exercise, The Phantom Restaurant in Paris. I have considered how the building relates to the wider context both before redevelopment and after and asked the question whether the relationship has changed, I have recorded my research below with relevant images and diagrams.

The building was originally built in 1861 and placed strategically amongst international trade, tourism, finance and some of the world’s finest hotels. In a prime position in Paris. It was built for the rich and powerful. The building has stood the test of time, it was the primary theatre in Paris until 1989 when another theatre was built. It continues to be visited frequently for it’s history and the ballet performances.

After redevelopment with the addition of the restaurant it invites diners to dine and enjoy the building’s heritage which wasn’t available for 136 years! The design is thoughtful, with respect to the building and sinuous form that evokes the famous show, The Phantom of the Opera, with the wavy glass curtain and white mezzanine imitating the cloak from the show, giving the restaurant design instant drama, perfect for an Opera House and made for the Phantom Opera Restaurant. The entrance is on the north west side of the building and the relationship between the building and visitors has been enhanced, the visitor experience has elevated by offering a place to sit, eat and drink before or after a performance, both inside the building and outside or even without seeing a show, its a service that the building was never able to offer. I’m sure the restaurant alone will attract visitors, the location is perfect for meeting with friends or even as a solo visitor. Dramatic and luxurious seating inside on two levels whilst parasols shelter from the sun outside. Both options are on offer each day with food being served from 7am. The location of the prestigious building has links to the local bus service and metro line.

Photographs and drawings of the Phantom Opera Restaurant in the Palais Garnier building


Photographs and drawings of the Phantom Opera Restaurant in the Palais Garnier building (accessed 17.4.23)

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