Design Sketching

On Monday I attended a design sketching workshop with the OCA, I am hoping to attend the majority of these as they are a brilliant way of building my confidence with sketching. My tutor was leading the workshop and explained every step brilliantly.

We started with mark making and specifically learning to use the same pencil but making lighter and darker lines, this will help when drawing interior spaces. For this exercise I used a 2B pencil, it was an interesting workshop. We sketched an image of an interior in a few minutes, panic usually sets in but I attempted to keep everything to scale, a few areas to work on.

We were then guided through sketching a plan and a section of the Pantheon in Rome, an architectural wonder. My drawings are not to scale or even near perfect but the workshop helped me reinforce my understanding of drawing a building and a section.

Lastly, we practised one point perspective. I haven’t needed to draw a room for a while so this was good practise, a reminder to make those lighter pencil marks to guide you when adding walls, flooring and furniture. Adding fine liner pen adds depth and brings the image to life.


All three images above are my own sketches.

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