Moving on to Unit Two

Having completed the assessment process for Unit One, I then took a break from my studies for a couple of weeks, during which time I enrolled and spoke with my new tutor to get a heads up on what to expect within unit two. It was a really helpful conversation and I also found out what is on the reading list for this unit, I have ordered the books from a used book site online, all three books at a fraction of the price you would pay for brand new, absolute bargains! There’s something valuable in buying a used book, somebody else has used it for similar reasons, I’m now giving it a new home and in time will pass it on for another person to do the same. So I’m looking forward to receiving them in the post this week, I’m excited to have books to refer to, something I can carry around from place to place, which will be a light relief from the computer screen. I find that reading books helps me relax and calms my mind. More books to add to my collection since doing this course, my bookshelf is looking very colourful and cultural.

I know that the next unit is called Medium – Design at a Human Scale and I’m hoping that it will be made up of similar exercises to unit one but looking at how human scale works within a space. I’m looking forward to digging deeper when it comes to my research. Once I had gathered my research for the last unit for assessment, I realised that my research wasn’t as in-depth as maybe I would have liked. For this unit I will learn to slow down and try and exhaust all avenues of research before moving on to the next exercise. I have written reminders on post-it notes and put them on the wall, this way I will get in to the habit of reading them, a bit like a check list. When I’m gathering research I will also remember to give my reasons, which I know will expand my knowledge. My own thoughts and analysis will continue to help me understand and think critically, I must build on this area too as I work through this part of the course.

I’m also hoping to expand my research by visiting interior spaces, exhibitions, galleries and meeting like minded people. It would be great to connect with more students too, hopefully there will be some more organised events that we can attend this year. Alongside my studies I am finding ways of creating a professional social media platform where I can share my work and improve my skills in readiness for working in the design field, I am looking forward to diving in!

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