Reflection Assignment 10

This was my final assignment of the unit, I will reflect on the feedback from my tutor.

My tutor was pleased to see the culmination of the project and how there is evidence of a push in considering the graphic presentation of my work, the fonts/colours are stylish and well-suited. There are still areas for improvement, in-particular the layout, I will consider these and make the relevant changes.

My tutor would have liked to have seen my images presented larger and more structured. I didn’t add the 3D exploded diagram image, which I will add as it explains the laser cut panel assembly. My tutor noted that I have considered the colour, font and layout throughout my booklet. She has given me some guidance with how to sequence my document in a better way, which I will look at doing also. I must also consider how the research can be documented in more depth with further drawings and annotations.

As a whole, this unit was fun to do. I have been on a journey learning how to present work at a more professional level starting with creating my own model village brochure. From the title of the unit I was expecting to learn more about detail in design, which I have done, from researching and visiting a model village gave me a better understanding of scale. My second assignment, I looked at more detail of a light fitting. I still struggled at this point drawing a section and so I revisited the drawing and gained a better understanding of how to draw a section, this will help as I continue to communicate my design ideas throughout the course. Assignment four was definitely the best one yet. I feel that I have been given all of the tools to research and create my own 3D model. My tutor was pleased with my presentation and encouraged me to continue to build upon my knowledge and research skills.

Now time to collate the information for Assessment, wish me luck!

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