Exercise 2: Drawing- construction details

For Assignment 9 I have produced technical drawings that are in detail and describe some important elements in my piece of fitted furniture. Detail drawing no. 3 shows a section of how the base of my cabinet frame meets the brick wall and the floor. Detail drawing no. 4. shows a section of how the sink meets the worktop. I have also created two other drawings, one of a front elevation and the other showing the overall design.

I have presented the drawings in different scales. I spent many hours this month studying Autocad online, practising and making lots of mistakes! But I persevered and produced drawings that are legible and communicate my bathroom cabinet design but not before receiving helpful feedback from my tutor where I was given guidance in making them look more professional.

I found this assignment quite challenging, I soon realised there was so much more to learn with Autocad than I already know, but I followed youtube tutorials and soon learned the correct way of doing certain things. I found myself spending many hours of an evening after work throwing myself into learning the software. It’s very intuitive and once mastered fairly straight forward to use, I’m realising that I need to keep practising a few times a week so that I don’t forget what I have learned. I was pleased with my drawings and needed to adjust them slightly after feedback from my tutor. I look forward to finishing this unit with my assignment 10, where I will communicate my design proposal in the form of a design booklet.

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