Reflection Assignment 8

My tutor pointed out that I have made an interesting choice with my design which should give me some interesting parameters and factors when I consider the final design. My research is showing good communication of the skills needed to finalise my design. My tutor noted that I could have considered how this information could be further organised more as a reference as I continue with the next part of the design challenge. I have notes in my sketchbook with regards to dimensions, observations, if I organise this information a little better it will help me when I come to finish Assignment 10.

My tutor also noted my research into contemporary examples is good to see but how can I examine these in more detail, my tutor has given me a link to a site that will help me in doing so. The inspirational images that I showed are good to see but I need to analyse in more detail. I need to further show my understanding of the precedent research, of how these examples are communicated/constructed. I can do this by sketching my own thoughts and interpretations if drawings and sketches aren’t available. I must then consider how I can organise the precedents more systematically.

Going forward I have made a list to help organise my thoughts and actions

  • continue to build upon my drawing techniques when drawing technically
  • continue to build upon my graphics and presentation skills
  • continue documenting my ideas throughout my learning log and show my notes and analysis of my work
  • explore some precedent projects in more detail and record this information systematically
  • explore how I can organise my ideas and designs going forward

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