Exercise 1

A Small Object in Detail

I chose an object no larger than I could fit in the palm of my hand. This object could possibly be repurposed for a different function, at a different scale, similar to the Borrowers who took objects from the human sized home that they lived within and repurposed them.

I sketched elevations on paper and added measurements to refer to when drawing in Autocad.

I then made technical drawings of the object showing elevation, plan and section drawings. This was so helpful because whilst drawing using Autocad I was learning new skills, helped by referring to videos on youtube and resources I accessed via the college. I put new skills and knowledge to the test and created the drawings of the object, added dimensions and scale then took this information and added the images to an A3 sheet on Indesign. I then wrote a description to explain what it looks like without showing photographs, because my task was to visually describe the object in as much detail as possible, which I believe I achieved. I also wrote the choice of two other scales that the bottle could possibly be repurposed as. It will be interesting to see if another student chooses my design and what they would repurpose the bottle as.

An image of the green bottle for context.

It took me a little while to choose my object, my two other choices were very difficult for me to draw technically on the computer. The first was a spiral hairband, the second a screw. Overall the exercise was fun and encouraged me to practise using Autocad. It does take some time to watch the tutorials but it is well worth it, this way of learning helps me understand and whilst seeing it visually then actively drawing helps me when making mistakes, all the new skills I have learnt will help me to correct those mistakes and to become more confident when doing technical drawings using Autocad.

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