Assignment 7

Communication with a ‘Client’

For this assignment I am choosing another students drawing for a semi-collaborative project. This will help me understand the importance of my role in a collaborative process and the importance in the quality of information I need to provide as a designer. It’s important I give as much information when collaborating, this will help the design process.

For part 1 I have saved my previous A3 sheet that I produced in Exercise 1: A small object in detail. I uploaded my work to the student Padlet with my name and details on, hopefully another student will choose my design to repurpose and if they do I’m excited to see what ideas they produce.

For part 2 I have chosen another student’s A3 sheet, from this I will repurpose the object they have drawn at the stated scale. I will firstly make sketch proposals to explore different ideas, then once I have figured out the design I will communicate it and present it on an A3 sheet.

I already had a few ideas in mind and so went ahead and put them to paper. My ideas touched base on a sleeping pod for the homeless, a storage container, a food coolbox and a toybox. But the idea that really captured my imagination was the recycling pod. I used the scale 1:100 to repurpose the pill box as a recycling pod. The images below are my design thought processes.

Once I had completed sketching and measuring I got to working on my technical drawing, I made these drawings using Autocad. I created the drawings, added dimensions, added a human figure for scale and then added a title box.

So to complete my assignment I created an A3 presentation of my recycling pod idea using Indesign. I added technical drawings, images of the materials I would use of the exterior and interior of the actual pod and a written piece to fully communicate my idea. This assignment was challenging but it soon became apparent that everything I have learned over the last few years was coming to fruition. The research, the concept drawings, the technical drawings and then compiling all of that information to communicate to a client is vital, I loved bringing all of this information to one place, I’m really proud of what I have managed to create, what a fun task to challenge all areas of my learning. I now look at objects in a different way!

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