Reflection Assignment 5

My tutor noted some interesting explorations being done throughout this part of the unit. There are still a few areas that would benefit from improvement. I’m showing a growing understanding of detailed thinking in design which can be seen in my drinks cabinet exercise where I have broken down the assembly and component parts that make up the piece of furniture.

My technical drawings need attention in some areas, which I will look at and post the changes and/or additions. I will look at more videos to help me understand how different designs are assembled.

My tutor is pleased to see my research continues to be recorded in my learning log.

Going forward I have made a list to help organise my thoughts and actions

  • continue to build upon my detailed thinking research
  • continue to build upon my knowledge of other designers and their philosophies in terms of design and materials
  • continue to back up my work with images or diagrams
  • continue to be more experimental with how I communicate my ideas by researching skills that give me a variation of ideas
  • continue documenting my ideas throughout my learning log and show my notes and analysis of my work

I will continue to look at ways of improving my work and expand upon my research and drawing when considering all the detail that should be put in my assignments.

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