Project 6: Intangibility

Intangible refers to something that can only be experienced, rather than touched. We, as humans, have a philosophical reaction to all physical things and the feeling that is evoked will differ from person to person.

As an example, taking a look at this image of the Taj Mahal, I will consider how it makes me feel, what I like about it and/or don’t like about it. I see a mass of blue sky as the buildings’ backdrop. The building is made up of symmetry, organic shapes and there is also symmetry in the landscape. Many people consider this building as beautiful. I would agree. The architectural material used is of soft, warm, delicate tones complimenting the paving that lines the water in front. The building was made using brick-in-lime mortar veneered with red sandstone and marble, with precious/semi precious stones inlaid.

The Taj Mahal is a perfect representation of the Mughal style, which fuses architecture techniques of Persian, Islamic and Indian styles. Easily one of the most recognisable buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal stands as a symbol of eternal love as its history and beauty never fail to captivate the heart (Sveiven, 2011)

When I consider how the building makes me feel; I feel grateful, happy, overwhelmed, stunned, interested and at peace by its magnificent beauty. Perfection also comes to mind because of the symmetry not only within the architecture but the landscape that mimics this, expanding those feelings outwards. Now making me feel that I need to visit and feel those feelings in the flesh!

Fig. 1 – The Taj Mahal


(Sveiven, 2011) (accessed 9.10.22)


Fig. 1 – The Taj Mahal (accessed 9.10.22)

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