Assignment Five

Part 1: Copying a conventional detailed drawing

I have studied Goff’s detailed drawing and made a copy. I have chosen to do this by hand using a technical pencil and A3 paper. I printed off a copy of the drawing and traced over the section drawing to fully understand the technical scale that it was drawn at. The original drawing was done in feet, so I converted this into mm. I broke down each section of the drawing and jotted down the measurements roughly so that I could take this information in an easier way and translate it into my own drawing. This way I could then interpret the drawing in my own way at a different scale. I chose scale 1:500 to give me the chance to draw at a relatively good size for the A3 page size. I have also recognised the different line weights and drawn the same. I have annotated the drawing as per the original and laid it out clearly with a tile block.

A technical drawing copy of the suspended bedroom area in Section

Part 2: Drawing your own section

I have referred to my 3D model that I made for project 4 and have drawn a detailed section drawing at scale 1:1 on an A3 sheet of paper. This time I chose to use Autocad, which I have drawn, annotated and to scale 1:1.

Firstly, I reminded myself of the model then I did a quick sketch of the elevation in section showing the bamboo canes and the 3 different fabrics weaving through each cane, sat on the cork mat, annotated and showing measurements.

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