Assignment Four

Presenting work for peer and tutor feedback.

For this assignment, I was to present my work from exercise 3. I was given the choice of presenting live at a WIP event or via a pre-recorded presentation that is later shared with my peers and tutor. I chose to present live. I knew this would help with my confidence but also give me the opportunity to interact with other students and my tutor. When I’m practicing as a designer I will need to be able to present designs to clients and doing this face to face helps build relationships and you can gauge a better response to your ideas.

I approached this assignment with enthusiasm knowing it was very different to other assignments I have submitted, but unknowingly at the time with a professional head on, on reflection it definitely felt right and a step in the right direction to having my own creative practice. I created a list of what was needed in order for me to present my work. I’m familiar with Powerpoint and so created slides to present my work in images. My intention was to present each slide and talk about the information on each slide and so I typed wording on a Word document and split my screen so that I could refer to that and see the Powerpoint presentation at the same time.

I began with an introduction, giving context to the assignment and worked through each slide finishing with images of my 3D Model. Sadly, no students attended this session, but I was fortunate to present to two tutors, who gave me really positive feedback. It was a great experience, albeit a little nerve wracking, I know with more practice I will become more confident when presenting my ideas to people. I had every confidence in my design, but running it past two people I admire wasn’t easy, they did make me feel at ease and were impressed with my design and how I presented it to them so overall a really gratifying experience. If you follow my learning log you will see what I did there!

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