Reflection Assignment 3

My tutor was pleased to see the diligence and detail in my research for the critical review of Chromophobia. It was noted that my experimenting with colour exercise was particularly compelling, seeing my own observations recorded beneath each experiment. By listening to the lecture and making my own notes leads me to areas I probably would not have otherwise. My tutor has encouraged me to make lists and prioritise work for each exercise which I have been putting into practise more recently, it helps to organise my thoughts.

I must practise writing my essays in third person rather than first person and then back my work up with further direct quotations from the
text to help reiterate some of the points being made in the review, as well as remembering to keep referencing.

Academic writing is very new to me but I will build on this throughout the course and particularly when researching and reviewing.

Going forward I have made a list to help organise my thoughts and actions

  • continue to back up my work with images or diagrams
  • continue to be more experimental with how I communicate my ideas
  • consider how further best practices in terms of academic writing can be applied moving forward
  • continue documenting my ideas throughout my learning log and show my notes and analysis of my work

I will continue to look at ways of improving my work and expand upon my research and drawing when considering all the detail that should be put in my assignments.

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