Reflection Assignment 2

My tutor was pleased to see that I am making progress on this unit and continuing with the work within my learning log. She was pleased to see my use of sketching and has encouraged me to explore more posts about sketching, both annotated and rendered.

When presenting this assignment, I didn’t fully expand upon the materials and the history of how the designer came to this design decision. I had researched his ideas but I didn’t show that in my work, only in my notes.

My CAD drawing wasn’t completely accurate, my tutor pointed out that my section drawing looked more like an unrolled view of the lamp, which it does unfortunately! I will revisit this drawing and re draw, giving me more practise with the software, which I know I need. Hopefully, one day soon I’ll get the hang of section drawing!

Going forward I have made a list to help organise my thoughts and actions

  • continue to back up my work with images or diagrams
  • be more experimental with how I communicate my ideas
  • practise more using Autocad
  • explore more posts about sketching
  • expand upon my research
  • continue documenting my ideas throughout my learning log and show my notes and analysis of my work

I will continue to look at ways of improving my work and expand upon my research and drawing when considering all the detail that should be put in my assignments.

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