Research Task: In and Out

As an extension to my studies I have carried out some research to find other work by Le Corbusier and other modernist architect’s buildings that are usually perceived as pared-back or colourless from the outside, but that has a significant use of colour in the interior. 

Maison du Bresil is one of Le Corbusier’s residential designs. Built in 1957, it is one of twenty-three international residences at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, located in the heart of Paris. It is known as the “House of Brazil” and the building acts as both a residence hall for Brazilian academics, students, teachers, and artists and as a hub for Brazilian culture, by providing exhibition spaces and archival resources. The colour you can see on the outside of the building tells me that this is just a sneak peak of what is happening inside. The bold colours make a real statement on the interior and I like that he used other colours alongside the traditional Brazilian colours of green, yellow and blue. The colours are vibrant and happy and cheer up the brutalist architecture.

Fig. 1 – Le Corbusier’s Maison du Bresil

Widawscy Studio Architects are a multidisciplinary design studio involved in architecture, interior design and industrial design projects. In their projects they combine minimalism with timeless modernism. They find inspiration by combining the old with the new. Here are two examples of their work.

Firstly, D47 is a home in Myslowice, Poland, designed for a pair of young travellers using white walls, antiqued floorboards and old brick which gives the interior a natural feel. The home has become a stage for modern furniture, colourful accents and geometric patterns that loved its residents. Loving the colourful interior, adding intrigue at every turn.

Fig. 2 – D47 is a home in Myslowice, Poland. designed by Widawscy Studio Architects

Secondly, D70 has an irregular, raw shape which became the inspiration for creating the interior of the house, it was important the interior reflected the exterior. The only accent colours inside the house are mint and turquoise as requested by their client. A family of 5 reside in the bright and spacious interior for whom a combination of good quality and design was a priority. I’m not a huge fan of mint and turquoise but that’s my personal opinion, if I was asked to include those two colours in a brief then I would choose similarly to this design and combine it with the odd statement piece in green and yellow, just to soften the strong tones of turquoise.

Fig. 3 – D70 is a house in Gliwice, Poland designed by Widawscy Studio Architects


Fig. 1 – Le Corbusier’s Maison du Bresil (accessed 27.7.22)

Fig. 2 – D47 designed by Widawscy Studio in Poland (accessed 27.7.22)

Fig. 3 – D70 House in Gliwice, Poland designed by Widawscy Studio Architects and Designers (accessed 27.7.22)

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