Research Task

Can I find other designers that use colour as a core part of their designs?

Miles Redd is known for his bold and cinematic approach to designs. His career has influenced his designs which have a really strong connection with the fashion world and well known by the lovers of luxury. After graduating from New York University he worked with antique dealer John Rosselli and the famous decorator Bunny Williams. In 1998, he opened his own interior design firm in New York City’s NoHo neighbourhood. Although known for his injection of colour he also has an awareness of how spaces and furniture fit together, he has designed pared back spaces but adds playful areas with that touch of colour. These designs are just beautiful, full of fun and character, warm and inviting yet luxurious and high end designs compliment the colour within that space.

Fig. 1 – Images of Miles Redd’s spatial designs

Nicola Harding started her career as a garden designer and is known for creating comfortable, inviting and atmospheric spaces. Historic buildings and set design fascinate and inspire her which both evoke such a specific feeling and lots of nostalgia. This is so important when getting to know her clients as she sets out to design interiors with a sense of place and belonging. My creative influences are very similar, I’m inspired by the buildings and outdoor spaces around us, I’m intrigued by the people who use or reside in the buildings, how they use the space, how these spaces make them feel.

Fig. 2 – Images of Nicola Harding’s spatial designs

Designers such as John Pawson are known for this type of pared-back approach or visual and spatial feel. Sometimes the perception has been that this type of space is cold, empty or not-homely and uncomfortable. But would the simple addition of coloured surfaces change this or is there more to be considered? Before adding colour you would need to consider the room itself, who uses it and what is its intention. What material is the furniture made from. This way you get a better understanding of its original purpose without compromising on the design. From this information you could bring in some colour in the shape of artwork and/or furnishings but not until you have a full understanding of the brief.

A very simplistic, clean and modern room interior featuring a small fireplace and two armchairs.
Fig. 3 – John Pawson, House. Photograph by Ndecam: Creative Commons


Fig. 1 – Images of Miles Redd’s spatial designs and (accessed 27.7.22)

Fig. 2 – Images of Nicola Harding’s spatial designs (accessed 27.7.22)

Fig. 3 – John Pawson, House. Photograph by Ndecam: Creative Commons – OCA course content (accessed 27.7.22)

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