Assignment 3

Chromophobia – A Close Reading and Critical Review

I performed a close reading of the excerpt from Chromophobia by David Batchelor Lois Weinthal, Toward a New Interior – An Anthology of Interior Design Theory (2011) Princeton Architectural Press. Pages 225-239. I then wrote an essay where I discussed the reading and my own ideas and opinions on the text. This task was not a familiar or even slightly enjoyable one at first. I printed the text onto paper and underlined phrases and words I was intrigued by or just didn’t quite understand. I then re-read the text a few times before putting together a plan of action to attempt to write the essay. Breaking down this process felt less challenging, once I started typing the essay and discussing the points, words began to flow. I also read a piece of text from a book, that OCA recommended I buy for this part of the unit, which was also very interesting, it shared some similar points but also new ones.

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