Reflection Assignment 1

It was great to get started on the work for Year 2, and I really enjoyed jumping straight in and looking at the concept of scale and how it is used to change the way we feel within a space.

My tutor noted that my work shows enthusiasm and effort and that I am making some interesting observations regarding scale both in my learning log and on the forum, she is encouraging me to continue to think critically about the notion of scale.

Going forward I have made a list to help organise my thoughts and actions

  • continue to back up my work with images or diagrams
  • be more experimental with how I communicate my ideas
  • consider more typical ideas of scale within interiors
  • continue documenting my ideas throughout my learning log and show my notes and analysis of my work

I will continue to look at ways of improving my work, both written and graphically, my tutor has recommended some online posts which I will take a look at and document on my learning log.

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