Furniture Component Parts

Research and sketching

Now that I have an idea of how the Leven Pendant is made up and what materials are used I will have a go at making my own section drawing. I spent some time sketching and figuring out how the pendant fits together. This task was at times frustrating because I couldn’t find images online of exactly how the frame inside the pendant looks, I did find images of the top of the pendant so from that I worked out how it would probably fit together.

I then took all of this information and made a detailed section drawing of the pendant where 3 different materials are next to each other. The outer layer is curving oak or walnut that is fixed to a central plywood frame, these elements are held together with brass accented rivets. In my technical drawing I have shown how the junction works and how all three elements are fixed together with the rivets. The drawing is to full scale, showing dimensions and annotations on A3 paper.


Fig. 1 – My own sketches and doodles of the inside of the Leven Pendant

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