Exercise 1: Small, Medium, Large

For this exercise I researched and found 3 different images of interior spaces all of which show an understanding of small, medium and large scale.

Small – Detailed Scale

I researched online and found a beautiful example of small scale interiors. Chris Toledo designs interiors at a 1:12 scale and shares his creations on social media, they really are amazing, they look so realistic and human scale like until he adds an everyday object or his hand!

Fig. 1 – An example of a ‘small scale interior’

Medium – Human Scale

When I was researching an interior based around human scale I was looking for a public space where the designer had paid attention to how humans experience the space. I came across an interior that was designed by Todd Bracher, he has designed a communal, urban oasis where people can take a much needed respite while travelling the streets visiting exhibitions and events. The interior is a carefully curated space to help both physically and mentally.

Fig. 2 – An example of a ‘medium scale interior’

Large – Macro Scale

My large scale choice is based on the physical environment that the interior space sits within – The Residences at the Dime, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The residential building offers 177 rental homes with each floor boasting breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and Williamsburg Bridge. The building sits behind the neo-classical building, the Dime Savings Bank which was founded in 1864, it is a purposeful design that complements the rich architecture and the stylish environment that surrounds it.

Fig. 3 – An example of a ‘large scale interior’


Fig. 1 – An example of a ‘small scale interior’ https://www.toledominiatures.com/

Fig. 2 – An example of a ‘medium scale interior’ https://archello.com/project/humanscale-unveils-recharge-cafe-for-fuorisalone

Fig. 3 – An example of a ‘large scale interior’ https://residences.thedime.com/luxury-apartments/

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