Reflecting on my feedback for Assignment Five

Making an Intervention

On the whole my Tutor noted that I was making some interesting choices for this final part of the unit and that I have shown evidence of the resulting design draws from my previous study.

I now need to consider how my research can be presented for assessment to show evidence of how it has informed my development of the design, which is all embedded in my learning log but I will have to make the right choices to enable the assessor to understand my process of working.

My tutor noted that the idea of a basketry exhibition space was a unique approach to the idea of merging practices and that maybe my exhibition space would benefit from adding further partitions to enable to visitor to walk the path I intend for them to follow when experiencing the space, so I have added a wall of baskets as a border to guide the visitor to the left side of the exhibition.

I have pushed myself with the technical drawings, having only learned Autocad last year I’m proud of what I have produced this time. I have learned so much over the last six months with this final unit and my tutor noted that it’s good to see how I have communicated my ideas. I now need to be sure that the drawings are labelled correctly, showing the right scale and check the thickness of the wall in my section drawing. I have revisited these areas and corrected them. I have also revisited my images and taken photographs of them in the natural light. More often than not I’m studying during the evening and so rely on artificial light, which I can see is not complimentary at all and so will continue to take photo’s during the day.

To improve my work I must consider how my work can be presented more clearly to showcase the narrative of the design, with this in mind I revisited the exercise, compiling content, and described the space in a clearer way whilst also adding elements that will be needed to support this to the list.

My tutor also noted that I am showing thoughtful consideration of the coursework in my learning log but that I could benefit from further organising with hierarchy. I have revisited some of my work to organise my notes moving forward, which I will continue to do. This way of organising my thoughts is so much easier, saving time for being creative with my studies!

Going forward I have made a list to help organise my thoughts and actions

  • continue to back up my written work with images or diagrams
  • be more experimental with how I communicate my ideas
  • continue to organise my reflection for easier reference

I will continue to look at ways of improving my work and ideas as I move forward to year 2 and build on my knowledge gained so far.

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