Assignment Five: Designing from your Brief-Exhibition +

Using the brief that I wrote in Part 3 and the list of content from exercise 4, I have designed an Exhibition Space, mostly for elements of display but a smaller space for a different purpose that compliments the exhibition. In the design brief I listed objectives in order of hierarchy with sub headings of style and practicality. I have also communicated my ideas through some technical drawings, visuals and a scale model.

My exhibition space will exhibit basketry designs from around the world, the additional space will be a sensorial space where you can walk through to get to the main exhibition, on the way you can experience images of basketry and sounds from the native countries where the basketry is made through soundscape art.

Firstly, I made a series of sketches of the whole space within the building, this includes the exhibition space, the additional space, the kitchen, toilets and lobby entrance. I sketched a plan drawing which I then annotated. I added a piece of tracing paper on top of this drawing which I used to add measurements in red pen. I then added a further piece of tracing paper on which I made a series of block shapes to show where the display cabinets and floor blocks will sit within the space. I then drew a pathway with a continuous line and arrows showing the journey through the space.

I also made a 1:50 scale model of the space. Firstly I measured the floor area and sketched a rough idea of where the cabinets and display furniture will be placed. I then added walls using white card, sketched windows on the walls and cut out squares that would represent the panes of glass. I raided the lego box once again to add black blocks to represent the display cabinets, white blocks for the floor displays and foam board for the display boards. I purposely cut out window panes so that I could capture the sun-path through photographs, with a glass roof natural light would flood through the building and windows giving the overall effect I wanted to create.

Whilst making these drawings I was conscious of the previous exercises where I learned about hard and soft entrances and creating a pathway around the exhibition which demonstrates the direction to take to fully appreciate and understand the narrative of my exhibition. After walking through the calm, softly lit additional space of the sensory room, you will enter the exhibition through a soft entrance and immediately be drawn to the natural light coming through the glass roof and windows.

Fig. 2 – Annotated photograph of the model exhibition space
A sketch of how one end of the exhibition would look
A visual of how one end of the exhibition space would look
A sketch of the items that would be on display in the Exhibition

Here are some sketches of the additional sensory space.

First attempt at sketching the additional exhibition space in perspective
Second attempt at sketching the additional exhibition space in perspective, added fineliner to emphasise the frames and borders
Annotated sketch of the additional exhibition space in perspective

I then created a digital image of the sensorial space using Adobe Photoshop, this space will give a taste of the world of basketry, with images and text. There will also be a film shown on the projector screen of the World Initiatives of basketry making.

Digital image of the sensorial space

The final part of the assignment was to produce technical drawings of the whole design at a scale of 1:50 in plan, section and elevation with an additional plan drawing of the exhibition space only, at a scale of 1:20.


Fig. 1 – Sketches of the exhibition space

Fig. 2 – Annotated photograph of the model exhibition space

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