Exhibition sketches and ideas

Throughout this part of the unit and the lead up to designing an Exhibition space I’ve always known that I wanted to create an organic, natural exhibit of designs. I have researched so many exhibits online and visited a few in the last few years and the idea of having ancient craft still being designed today exhibited alongside new and inventive graphics compliment each other, as long as this is done well. My concept sketches and ideas are below, I have changed the space slightly by increasing the sizes of the WC’s, lobby entrance area and the doorways to allow for wheelchair accessibility.

Looking back at Assignment Three where I wrote a brief for a multidisciplinary interior design project, I have also revisited this brief and added more information to it. Originally I didn’t consider a few things such as the interactive elements, the soundscape art and projector that will be in the additional space leading to the main exhibition, a zine introducing the visitor to the space, photographs and wayfinding signs. With this in mind I added the additional information to my brief which now builds a better picture of what my client can expect.

I sketched the plan firstly, added annotation and then added tracing paper and made notes of the sizes for each space, all the time being aware of the needs of accessibility for a wheelchair user. I then added another piece of tracing paper to highlight the journey throughout the exhibition in red pen. I also did a sketch of how I would like the designs to be displayed and then a visual of how one end of the exhibition space could look like. There are so many aspects to designing an exhibition, I have learned to break those pieces down and research each one individually so that it comes together at the end. I also sketched a view of the additional space looking towards the entrance to the exhibition, with frames that would entail typography and basketry history. The projector on the left wall would project images onto the right wall of the basketry initiatives, this will give the visitor a sneak preview of what to expect when they walk around the main exhibition.

A sketch of how one end of the exhibition would look
A visual of how one end of the exhibition space would look
A sketch of the items that would be on display in the Exhibition

My sketching skills have improved slightly! Once I had finished the first sketch I held it away from me and knew it didn’t quite look right, then I realised that the right hand side of the sketch wasn’t quite drawn at the right angle, the balance was all wrong.

First attempt at sketching the additional exhibition space in perspective

So I took a spare piece of paper and placed it on the far right angle, I then proceeded to sketch a better perspective, I think I’ve captured it a little better in the second image. By adding fine liner in black around the wall edges and frames emphasises those particular areas.

Second attempt at sketching the additional exhibition space in perspective, added fineliner to emphasise the frames and borders

I pushed my creativity design skills a little further by adding the image to Adobe Indesign software, I then placed text in white boxes to label the contents of the room, creating a mixed media piece.

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