Research task: Entrance to an Exhibition

I had a look at images of exhibitions online, but specifically for entrances to exhibitions to find examples of both soft and hard entrances. I have annotated two images for both categories, I would say that all of the hard entrances are enhanced by the design of their entrances, inviting the visitor inside to find out more, but I feel that the soft entrances are also very effective, because of the nature of the exhibition I don’t feel they need an ‘ta dah!’ entrance, the information and objects talk for themselves, but each entrance still leaves me intrigued by the content.


Sensory Atmosphere by Ann Hamilton (accessed 10/01/22)

PET Lamp exhibition based at Vincon (accessed 10/01/22)

The Car, The Future, Me by the Dundee Museum of Transport (accessed 10/01/22)

The Disney Cinderella entrance (accessed 10/01/22)

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