Being an Exhibition Designer

This final unit of level one, Exploring Creative Practice, I have researched so much information and learned that by drawing in lots of other specialists in different fields it will help when designing an exhibition space. I have learned how social, political, cultural, economic and environmental contexts affect such events in the world and how creating good design can change this with a better outcome. It was interesting researching a conventional linear exhibition online and by drawing the space helped me understand where the objects placed and the reasons for doing so, I will take this information into consideration when designing my exhibition, it’s important to tell the story in a way that the visitor will not only understand but also enjoy and be educated by.

During my research for this part of the unit I came across websites with images of basketry exhibitions and I have drawn inspiration from a few of them. I really like the way the designs sit on the white blocks, creating clean lines around the basketry, drawing the eye to the product itself. The open plan layout of the interior space is perfect for visitors to wander around and between displays. The natural light flooding through the roof lights and the vaulted ceiling itself is full of character lending a good vibe to the overall space. Basketry is mostly made up of natural materials and so the tone of the floor compliments the work in a stylish way, whilst the exhibition space is broken up by white walls and white display blocks, overall it works so well.

Fig. 1 – The Blake Project (2014) at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Hatare

I have enjoyed learning about the niche spatial design practice of Exhibition Design. It’s fascinating the amount of work and thought that does into creating your own exhibition. There are lots of specialisms that make up an exhibition, lots of expertise and ideas that can be involved in the putting on a great exhibition. I think back to the beginning of this unit where I was asked my thoughts on a multi-disciplinary practice, I didn’t actually list the different specialisms but I had an idea that there would be a few more than I had listed. I now have a better understanding from a designers point of view of the work that goes into organising such an event. Besides being organised with all the different parties, I hope to give the visitor the most memorable exhibition, firstly with the sensorial experience before heading into an interior space full of skills, techniques, community history, knowledge, passion, spirit and love that surrounds the world of basketry.


Fig. 1 – The Blake Project (2014) at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Hatare (accessed 13.1.22)

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