Exercise 2: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

I have drawn 12 squares, each one the same in size and inside each square I have sketched the following twelve sentences. I then drew with black pen over the sketch, I like the effect the black pen gives the drawings. Because the story is about the Goldilocks, I thought adding yellow colour to her hair and a red bow would emphasise her as the main character as she moves through the story.

  • Goldilocks comes to a deserted house in the woods.
  • She goes inside and sees three bowls of porridge.
  • She tries the big one – too hot.
  • She tries the medium one – too cold.
  • She tries the small one – just right.
  • She is sleepy so goes upstairs.
  • She sees a large bed – too big.
  • She sees a medium bed – too lumpy.
  • She sees a small bed – just right.
  • Goldilocks falls asleep.
  • The three bears come back and find Goldilocks asleep.
  • Goldilocks wakes up and runs away.
Fig. 1 – My own illustration of the story Goldilocks and the three bears

I then cut the page into individual squares and rearranged the sequence of each square of the story to show how by changing an order of events it affects the outcome of that particular story. The story doesn’t flow like the original and because of that it was difficult to choose a beginning scene. Maybe the story could start with Goldilocks in bed dreaming?

Fig. 2 – Cut up squares and a change in order of events

I have rearranged the squares to create a different story, same characters and scene but a different way of telling the same story. This approach is completely new to me, by taking a story that was a big part of my childhood and changing the sequence of events didn’t feel right at first but by doing this process it shows that the basics of any setting can still tell a story and by adding and organising props and characters can then give you a slightly different outcome. The same can be said for any interior space, you have the shell of the space and by placing the furniture and fixtures in different places can tell a different story, but it’s so important to do it right otherwise the whole story doesn’t make any sense.

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