Exercise 1: The journey through an exhibition

I found an example of a conventional linear exhibition online, one with a story to tell. As I watched the exhibition I sketched a floor plan of the space, within my plan I have included annotation of the objects and posters on display, in a Plan view. The exhibition is called Tell me a story by Michael Terra. He is a sculptor and uses language of stories in his work. The aim of his exhibition is to tell stories by reminding the visitor of the stories we already know, not only with wording on the ceramics but he has also added braille. He reminds us that our common humanity allows us to share stories of growing up, falling in (and out of) love, being (at once) the Parent and the child – all the experiences that keep us human. As you walk around the exhibition, the story unfolds and new things are revealed. His ceramic art is emotionally engaging.

My first sketch of the floor plan didn’t go so well, it really isn’t so simple to watch an online video of an exhibition and sketch without considering sizes and boundaries, I had to watch the exhibition and sketch a few times before I was happy with the layout. I then added black pen to give the plan more emphasis on the wall areas and the object placings. Had I been walking around the exhibition in real life I may have found the process more enjoyable, unfortunately I was unable to find information on the floor area size, you can get a better idea of how things are sized when you see them in person. Nevertheless, this process was enjoyable and the content of the exhibition was very interesting, I now have a new appreciation of ceramics with messages and stories.

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