Reflecting on my feedback for Assignment Three

Merging Practice

My tutor was pleased to see continued development on my work, giving myself a good foundation upon which to build my later unit coursework.

Although my research is insightful I must add further analysis to my work, I might consider adding diagrams, mind maps etc. I must attach my written analysis with my work to show evidence of how I reached that final point. It seems that my youtube video is unavailable, so I will check that to make sure it’s available for the reader.

My sketches and drawings throughout the unit show an open-minded approach, which I’m pleased about because the learning process is showing improvement in this area. This area is definitely a more enjoyable part, I’m approaching sketches and drawings in a way that I never thought possible, I have stopped looking for perfection at this point and the ideas flow a lot easier from my mind to paper!

With my recent design brief and exhibition and basketry, my tutor noted that it will be worth considering how further hierarchy and graphical organisation will help me communicate what’s important and what’s less important. I will continue to work on this, I have printed out my brief and I am adding ideas continuously. This will hopefully help me understand my objectives and set boundaries.

Going forward I have made a list to help organise my thoughts and actions

  • Add diagrams, mind maps to back up my research
  • Add my notes and annotations to back up analysis and show evidence of my thinking of the close reading
  • Add hierarchy and organisation to my design brief

Moving forward, I will expand upon my research techniques to help me further identify conclusions within my studies.

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