Part Five: Making an Intervention

Project 1: What is an exhibition?

I have carried out research on the World Expos official website to gain a better understanding into the history of World Expos. Essentially, Expos are large public exhibitions of art or trade goods, they are events that happen around the world, organised by different governments, they help bring together countries and international organisations to find solutions to a fundamental challenge facing the world and humanity. Each expo offers a wide variety of visual and sensual experiences through engaging and immersive activities. For each country taking part in an Expo, it’s their chance to create a miniature world, a chance for other participants, tourists, trade partners and investors to engage in and interact with.

The first World Expo – the Great Exhibition – took place in London in 1851. The concept became popular and was repeated across the globe, demonstrating an unparalleled power of attraction and a record of world-class legacies. Since the BIE was created in 1928 to regulate and oversee these mega-events, World Expos have explicitly been organised around a theme that attempts to improve humankind’s knowledge, takes into account human and social aspirations and highlights scientific, technological, economic and social progress. (BIE-Paris, s.d.)

I have researched further one World Expo in depth. It was a horticultural Expo that took place from 23/4/16 – 30/10/16 in Antalya City, Turkey. It was the first BIE sanctioned International Exhibition to take place in Turkey, called ‘Flowers and Children’. The aim of this exhibition was to address global environmental issues, share experiences in horticulture and agriculture and to increase the quality of life through creation of green spaces and new job opportunities. Covering an area of 112 ha (hectare), made up of 54 participants it was enjoyed by 4,693,571 visitors. Organised around the lake in Aksu, the expo was made up of 26,000 trees, 3 million flowers and various shrubs, cacti, geophytes and aquatic plants all made up the garden theme.

With this information, I have created a 3 page, A3 landscape illustrated document. It explains the history, theme and content of the Expo.

There were so many great Expo’s to choose from, the Antalya Expo 2016 stood out as interesting but globally vital. Not only do the Expo’s bring people from all cultures and social backgrounds together in one place, they give each other support on important matters, this one in-particular addressed the global environmental issues our world is facing, even today in 2022, we are still making differences around the world to help today and for the future.

The Expo would have had a positive impact on economic development, employment and environmental awareness, especially after the terror attacks of 2013 and 2015. Tourism suffered hugely and with recent events of the pandemic, to know that the site can still be enjoyed by local people may help them to see a brighter future, which will reduce negativity and bring peace to future generations. I’m so pleased to hear that the setting and gardens still remain and they continue to grow and they will provide better common spaces for the people of Antalya. The everlasting legacy of Expo has remained not only as a physical footprint but also in the vision and spirit of the citizens.


(BIE-Paris, s.d.) (accessed 20.12.21)

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