Research task: Communicating Complex Understanding

I have explored diagrammatic communication techniques, they are a tool to help you communicate design ideas. My research led me to a better understanding of these techniques.

A Radar chart (sometimes called a spider or web chart) is a 2D diagram where you can plot data of 2 or more variables. When these pieces of data are plotted it creates a geometric shape which you can change the colour of to create a more interesting look and design for the reader.

An Area chart combines both a line chart and a bar chart to show how more than one value changes over the progression of a second variable.

A Lollipop chart is a variant of the bar chart with a circle at the end, to highlight the data value.

A Stellar chart is an elegant alternative to a radar chart, as above but creating a star shape rather than a geometric shape, again you can alter the colours of the main shape, the information is once again very clear to the reader.

All of the above techniques can be used to communicate information and ideas, I would prefer to use a Radar chart or Stellar chart to communicate my design ideas, the style of the chart is a much more fun and creative way of presenting my ideas.

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