Assignment Four:

Diagramming the ‘shape’ of spatial design practices

Using Adobe Illustrator, I have created my own diagram illustrating my understanding of the shape of 3 spatial design practices. I chose to communicate this information by creating a radar chart. In my notebook, I made 3 separate lists of soft and hard skills for my practice, Frank Gehry’s design of the Guggenheim Museum and an Exhibition Design. I labelled the skills from 1 – 5, with 5 being the most important to that particular practice. I then created a radar chart where this information is communicated through geometrics patterns, I used similar colours but changed the shades and opacity on each chart. This was my first attempt at creating a radar chart, it was a fun way to learn. You will see from the chart there are differences and similarities with all three creative practices, the skills that are applied are done so but with different measures of importance, this information shows how an adaptable designers works, but it may not necessarily be relevant information for every design that they do, eventually a pattern will emerge as each designer works slightly differently.

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