Assignment Three: Writing a brief for a multidisciplinary interior design project

Back in February this year I wrote a design brief for my client’s micro-home, this time I’m writing a design brief for a multi-disciplinary design project. I have merged two practices together, one of them being Exhibition design, the other was my own choice of another niche practice. I played around with so many different ideas that I am interested in exploring further, furniture design, lighting design, textile art, weaving and basket making to name a few. In previous exercises I have dipped my toe in most of these but not basket making, known as basketry.

My vision is to see lots of designs woven with different materials from all around the world. Each design display will explain where the materials originate, how they are grown and what the process is for the traditional and/or contemporary weaving techniques involved. The exhibition room must be full of natural light, artificial light would be a useful addition just incase the natural light is duller than expected, this way the neutral palette and aesthetic of the room will compliment the natural materials found on display.

The building must also have a ladies, gents and accessible WC as well as a kitchen where light bites and drinks can be prepared for visitors. Comfortable seating, preferably woven seat pads, to compliment the woven designs, will be scattered around the room where visitors can sit and admire the exhibition and chat with other visitors about the wonderful and interesting designs, which in turn will hopefully spark conversation about different cultures around the world.

Wayfinding must not only display information to help visitors find the WC and exit, but showcase each design and help to understand the origin and backstory to each design, which will ultimately give a better experience to the visitor. I would like to have music playing softly, pieces of music chosen by the designers to reflect where in the world the designs have been made. It’s important to have an exhibition with a sustainable approach and to show how different societies work together to create beautiful designs.

Emphasis on the user experience is so important with this merger, some designs will sit on white blocks, at different heights to give the visitors chance to see the displays and experience them fairly taking into consideration enough space to walk between each display and enough room for a wheelchair user. There will also be some displays where the perception of scale has been challenged, with this in mind the two scales I will be working with for the exhibition are median and micro.

After carrying out further research and assignments I chose to revisit my design brief. My tutor noted that it would benefit further from considering the graphical organisation of my document, so with this in mind I revisited the brief and re-organised it, breaking it down with bullet points into different sections, showing what I consider to be most important with the design of the exhibition space. I also changed the font which looks so much better.

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