Exercise 4: Merging practice: choosing an appropriate scale

I revisited my research visual case study about the design company House of Bohn, who specialise in restaurants and retail, they are known for their adventurous aesthetic and quality craftsmanship. I then chose a field to merge with one of their projects. Recently, I have visited cafe bars that have incorporated vintage clothing and furniture to sell alongside their drinks and snacks, which I think is a perfect combination. You can shop and enjoy time with a drink in the same interior space. With this thought in mind I looked at the projects that House of Bohn have designed in a little more depth, and the design of Q Shi Q made an impression on me, I particularly like the warm wood tones and lighting. Q Shi Q is a traditional Japanese BBQ restaurant based in Olympic Village, Vancouver. The space has a fun atmosphere with nods of retro Japanese pop culture. My chosen field to merge with this image is the sale of vinyl records, both vintage and modern, I have added vinyl records and sleeves into the image. Japanese vinyl covers of the pop world adorn the wall above the bar whilst vinyl can be perused and bought from the container to the right of the bar. I’m imagining music being played whilst customers enjoy a drink or two, another perfect combination of two of my favourite things, firstly I enjoy the atmosphere of a cafe bar/restaurant and love listening to a collection of vinyls, this merge is fantastic. The second image I have created is exploring the way in which two specialisms can merge together effectively, making one multidisciplinary practice.

The first image is of the original space designed and created by the design firm House of Bohn. Lots of natural materials and high quality craftmanship creating a sociable atmosphere, with lots of edgy graphics and pattern nods to the Japanese pop culture.

Q Shi Q – House of Bohn
Fig. 1 – Image of Q Shi Q, Vancouver designed by House of Bohn

In the second image below, I have added images of Japanese pop vinyls on the walls and a stack of vinyl records underneath the menu where customers can take a look through while choosing their food and drink, I’ve also added a human figure to show the scale of median.

Fig 2 – Image of Q Shi Q, Vancouver with added images of vinyl records and sleeves


Fig. 1 – House of Bohn Project https://www.houseofbohn.com/portfolio-items/q-shi-q/ (accessed 20.11.21)

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