Research Task: Hybrid Office, Ed Ogosta Architects

Ed Ogosta Architects have designed some very interesting spaces. The hybrid office contains typological hybrids creating a really interesting unique interior space. Architectural shapes encase office spaces for people to work in. This particular office space is for a creative media agency and so by being creative with furniture and architecture keeps the imagination alive, workers can have a fun environment to work in and be creative in. Open space, high ceilings and different shapes, angles and textures to enjoy. The colour palette has been designed with natural elements in mind, the space has lots of natural light flooding in through windows, whilst keeping the emphasis on the architectural features themselves. This way of designing is very clever, it shows how possible it is to bring different scales of design together in an interior space, in a playful but professional way.

Images of the interior space at the Hybrid Office of Ed Ogosta Architects

Orbital House sits amongst nine-million year old geological formations, designed as a perfect square building with a round roof to protect it. There are also roof lights within the round roof that draw sunlight into the building alongside large glass doors that give panoramic views of the landscape. Another genius way of designing with different scales, creating a liveable space surrounded by natural organic shapes in a beautiful desert in Yucca Valley, California.

EOA-From Below.jpg
orbital house
Images of the Orbital House by Ed Ogosta Architects


Fig. 1 to 3 – Ed Ogosta Architects (accessed 13.11.21)

Fig. 4 to 6 – Images of the Orbital House by Ed Ogosta Architects (accessed 13.11.21)

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