Research Task: Sensorial Spaces

I created a slideshow video for this next exercise, based on an interior space that has a sensorial approach to its design. I chose an interior based on the sense of sound and researched a company called Plantronics, they are an audio pioneer and a leader in the communications industry and have designed the soundscaping system that creates a multi sensorial experience, based on the sound of water. Having spent many years working in open plan office environments, the idea that a simulated water sound masks loud conversations in an office is ground breaking in itself whilst offering waterspace architecture, genuis!

Video Slideshow – Plantronics’ Soundscaping System

For the making of this video I chose to learn a new piece of software called Premiere Pro. There was a very straight forward tutorial that taught me the basics of importing images and adding my voice recording.


T Walker (2021) Habitat Soundscaping 24/10 available at (Accessed 24/10/21)

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