Reflecting on my feedback for Assignment Two

Exploring and Analysing a Niche Practice

My tutor can see progress already made with Unit Two and that although I would benefit from continued attention and development in a few areas, it’s good to hear that i’m heading in the right direction.

My research is showing evidence of being effective with some interesting observations and conclusions. I must work on the visual aspect of my work, I will continue to research ways of showing hierarchy in my work, this way I can improve on my presentations both in text based work and visually creative work.

Going forward I have made a list to help organise my thoughts and actions

  • Further research into visual presentations to help me show hierarchy in my work
  • When analysing a close reading remember to include my notes and annotations in my presentation to back up my thinking
  • create more structure in my analysis by adding headings, subheadings, bullet points etc
  • continue to challenge my own creativity

The exercises throughout part two were so interesting, it was so good learning about hybrid and polymath designers, spending my time wisely by researching designers and understanding more about their journey and how they have made changes to the world and peoples lives, this is by far the most fascinating part of the course, it’s feeling as though my dream can actually become a reality, these designers are very inspiring.

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