Assignment Two: Exploring and Analysing a Niche Practice

I have always been interested in textile design, always had a fascination of the way textiles are tangible and characterful, how designs are made both by machine and by hand and used in so many different industries, engineering, architecture and various design environments.

We are surrounded by textile design and being able to learn more about a particular niche by doing my own precedent research led me to dig deep and look into a collaboration between Peter Saville and the worlds leading textile designers, Kvadrat. The collection comes from a curiosity he’s always had about the random coloured markings on sheep which he first observed on family holidays in Wales, which he refers to as ‘rural graffiti’. Peter Saville is a graphic designer and art director, famous for his design of record sleeves for the record label Factory Records in the 70’s and 80’s.

My favourite of all the designs are the rugs, they define a space and add comfort, warmth and protection. I personally prefer a rug that has irregular shapes, it shows that it has been made by hand, the craftsmanship that adds to the character of the design, bringing the rug to life with its own story. It’s so important that designers are reviving long-lost production methods and creating pieces that stand the test of time.

My presentation explains more about the designers, Kvadrat, their collaboration with Peter Saville and a little about their business ethos of sustainability.

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