Exercise 5: Study a niche designer

I have chosen one niche designer to study in more detail, after researching more about them and their work I have created an illustrated document to show this.

Hella Jongerius is a Dutch designer, her work combines the traditional with the contemporary, she is interested in new technologies and processes, and in older techniques. Her aim is to create products with individual character by including craft elements in the industrial production process, producing distinctive pieces of furniture, textiles and ceramics.

At first I wasn’t sure who to choose out of a few designers but Hella Jongerius pipped the post! Her sustainable ethos and her approach to design is very distinctive, her pieces have their own individual character whilst using traditional techniques and is known for her colour, weaving and textiles. Her design focuses on combining opposites; for example, new technology and handmade objects, industrial manufacturing and craftsmanship, and the traditional and the contemporary.

Usually when researching a designer it’s easy to skim over the surface and get the general idea of what they practise, but this was a great opportunity to dig deeper and really try and understand what they practise and the reasons behind it.

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