Reflecting on Assessment feedback Unit Two – Exploration through Experimentation

I completed Unit Two, Exploration through Experimentation, in time to apply for Assessment July 2021. Having already submitted Unit One gave me a head start with regards to how the assessment process worked. The gdrive uploading process was once again very organised and easy to navigate. I was able to chat to another student about the process, a few weeks before the deadline and we discussed the learning outcomes and the pieces of work we thought were best to submit. This was so helpful, especially as we are distance studying and not meeting up in class environment, it was great to talk to another student and get their opinion on my own work and give advice on their work. I would recommend to anybody submitting for assessment to do the same, the process is digital and can feel quite a lonely task, so to talk through your concerns with your peers makes the process so much more enjoyable.

The feedback is based on Research, Creativity, Communication & Presentation and Critical Reflection. All points are criteria for the course itself and as students we are incorporating these elements into our work as we progress through the course, it is then our job to pull out the relevant pieces of work to submit for assessment, this process is not an easy process but a really important one. It gives you the chance to really understand and be critical of your own work, helping you understand along the way whether you have put enough effort into each exercise and therefore the assignment. I was pleased to have gained a few more marks for this particular assessment, compared to unit one, there is still some way to go to achieve an even higher grade, but overall I am moving in the right direction all the while learning and putting that knowledge into my work whilst gaining more confidence and more importantly still enjoying the journey, if not more than I was last year!

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