Reflecting on my feedback for Assignment One

Defining a Creative Practice

My tutor was pleased to see a disciplined and thorough start to the research and coursework part of this unit and they look forward to seeing where I take my work next.

I am demonstrating a good level of depth and consideration with my research tasks, I will build upon this by researching imagery that includes drawings and start adding sketches and drawings into my own work. I’m conscious of adding images, annotating them and talking about the research but I’m not yet in the habit of adding my own sketches, drawings, unless I’m asked to, which I will try and remember to do, this will back up my understanding of the research and continue my practice of drawing, which I love to do.

As well as adding my own and other’s imagery, I must add further hierarchy within my analysis to show my conclusions are clearly understood by myself and my audience.

My tutor noted how it’s nice to see that I have experimented with how I might creatively communicate my work within my presentation and that I could improve further by researching ‘information design’ or ‘visualising data’ to help me gain more inspiration. As I continue through the course I will do more research to learn different ways of communicating my work visually, I’m excited to gain more knowledge and confidence with this area.

My A3 presentation shows a variety of graphical techniques, but I must be mindful of how text can be presented, I must consider how I might assemble the text information with more cohesion and consistency, this again can be achieved by further research of ‘information design’ visuals.

Going forward I have made a list to help organise my thoughts and actions

  • Add imagery to back up my thinking
  • Research information design and visualising data to help me communicate my ideas in a clearer way
  • Be more consistent with text presentation

Overall, I am pleased with my work for the first part of this unit and will continue to build on my learning by researching further to gain knowledge and ideas to put into my own work.

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