Exercise 1: A suitcase of transferable skills

I have created a mind map style illustration to showcase my core skills and skills I would like to explore further. The further from the centre you go into different shaded areas, the more I would like to learn about.

I have a keen interest in period objects, lighting, furniture, pattern design and would like to explore the history and social aspects further. Sustainability is an important factor in today’s design and to be able to communicate designs in a creative and visual way, I would benefit from developing further.

Fig. 1 – My suitcase of transferable skills

I would say that at this moment in time I am a hybrid designer and still keen to learn new skills along the way.


Fig. 1 – My suitcase of transferable skills Walker, T (2021) Annotated illustration of my skills [Indesign] in possession of: the author: Stoford

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