Research Task: Modern-day polymaths

I have carried out some research online to find two modern-day polymaths that I find interesting and I have taken that information and created illustrations showing their work and their design skills. This was an interesting task that led me to learn about two more designers that are making a huge difference in the design world.

My first port of call was the internet and I was intrigued by Alain Demachy, his 1980 design work was reminiscent of my childhood, I think that’s probably what attracted me to find out more about him and I’m so glad that I did, his work is so different to anybody’s that I have seen today, drawing on the arts and crafts movement that I learned more about in previous exercises and combining it with 18th century French classicism.

Fig. 1 – An A4 illustrated document about Alain Demachy

The second designer that I found out more information about is Patty Hava, a Cypriot born designer based in New South Wales, Australia, who specialises in Interior Design, furniture and object design. Her design studio has a wealth of design knowledge and a strong network of talented consultants. Her work is beautiful and the furniture and object designs are custom built blending industrial with modern materials, some very interesting pieces.

Fig. 2 – An A4 illustrated document about Patty Hava

The two designers have more in common than you would first realise. They both design spaces with their client in mind bringing objects and furniture in to play that would suit their personality and their way of life.

I believe there are more and more designers today who are specialising in more than one field. I know that technology is advancing and styles are evolving and it seems only right to support each other as designers and learn from each other to create atmospheric spaces and although established interior designers are joining forces with other designers who specialise in different fields to design that particular space, they have the social media platform to add to their niche of design where they can become influencers, bloggers, branding experts and as interior design is a visual industry it’s very well suited to social media marketing.


Fig. 1 & 2 – Walker, T (2021) A4 illustrated document [designed on Indesign] in possession of: the author: Stoford

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