Design Brief

Once I had collected the information based on the questionnaire, I then created a design brief. The brief is to change the existing bedroom space in the attic to a yoga/meditation room. It covers the objectives of the space, what is required with the overall design change. I’ve also included my target audience, the spatial requirements in priority order, the space description and it’s function to become, the budget considerations and the timeframe.

Fig. 1 – A design brief for change of use of a bedroom to a yoga/meditation room

I approached this task slightly differently to the design of my brief in a previous exercise, where I have written a brief but haven’t added images or colour. This time I thought I would try something slightly different, the aim was to present a brief as a written document, which I have done, but I felt it was too cold and unexciting and so I added some depth to the document by adding colour and images, I feel this captures the ‘change of design’ a little better, showing images as the room looks now and images of the warmth I would try to achieve in the colour and connectivity of the space required.


Fig. 1 – Walker, T (2021) Design Brief [designed on Indesign] in possession of: the author: Stoford

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