Exercise 2: Make your own case study

Whilst researching multidisciplinary design practices to find out as much information as I could to make my own case study, one of the practices that came up on the internet was a London based firm called Studio Indigo. Their website is informative with gorgeous images of their work. It wasn’t until I came across their Press page, once I had dug a little deeper, I found out the creative director Mike Fisher lives just up the road from me in Milborne Port, there is a report on his home showing images of when Jasper Conran lived there and how the decor has changed, very interesting, now that was an added bonus to know he also lives in beautiful Somerset!

I have looked at their disciplines and skill set and how they use their specialisms in all of their design projects and created 2 A3 illustrated pages using Adobe Indesign, to relay this information.

Fig. 1 – Case Study on Studio Indigo, multi-disciplinary Practice
Fig. 2 – Case Study on Studio Indigo, multi-disciplinary Practice


Fig. 1 & 2 – Walker, T (2021) Case Study about Studio Indigo, a multi-disciplinary Design Practice [Indesign] in possession of: the author: Stoford


http://www.studioindigo.co.uk (accessed 13.6.21)

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