Unit Three: Exploring Creative Practice

Part One: Defining a Creative Practice

Research Task: Interior Design niches?

I have carried out some research online looking at different types of Interior Design. From this research I have created a list with a definition for each specialism. Some do inter connect but don’t necessarily come under the same heading.

  • Leisure interior design: Spas, cinemas, sports venues, public spaces.
  • Residential interior design: privately owned homes, property developments, show homes.
  • Retail interior design: shops, service stations, retail parks.
  • Hospitality interior design: Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, spas.
  • Healthcare design: hospitals, surgeries, clinics, residential care homes.
  • Education interior design: schools, universities, colleges, libraries.
  • Civic and Cultural design: libraries, museums, galleries.
  • Experiential design: themed environments, exhibitions and interiors driven by a narrative.
  • Social: Public or Private. Commercial. Film, TV and theatre. Community centres. Live/work spaces. Marine. Mixed-use developments.
  • Commercial interior design: public spaces, offices, retail, restaurants.
  • Corporate interior design: offices, board rooms, work rooms.
  • Marine interior design: cruise ships, charter yachts, ferries, terminal facilities.
  • Aviation interior design: airline cabin interiors.

I believe the following list is still valid but will come within any if not all of the above areas.

  • Furniture interior design: understanding peoples behaviour when creating a functional space whether public, private or commercial.
  • Production interior design: theatre, lighting, characters and costume, stage setting. 
  • Visual Merchandiser: goods on display in both windows and shop-floors.
  • Lighting interior design: use of light to achieve a particular aesthetic effect.
  • Sustainable interior design: focussing on environmental issues to reduce energy, pollution and waste.

This research task was very interesting, initially I hadn’t even thought of Marine or Aviation design as an Interior Design niche, this has led me in directions I have no knowledge or experience with apart from travelling on a boat or an aeroplane.

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