Site Analysis

When I was analysing my choice of site location I was drawn by the view that the micro-dwelling could potentially have. The micro-dwelling would be sat surrounded by fields, a Georgian building, established trees and bushes and I have chosen to position it so that once the main doors to the building are open the view would be of the lake. As you will see from my drawing of the sun path, the building will benefit from the sunrise behind it and sunset in front, just beyond the lake. The sun and light path will take its way past the side elevation, two large Georgian inspired windows will enable the light to flood through the building, the sun will set facing the front elevation, shedding light on the bifold doors and decking area. I have positioned the kitchen area to one side of the building with large windows high above the work surface to allow for space on the walls for shelving and storage, to the left will be another Georgian inspired window where again lots of light can flood in through to the interior space. There certainly won’t be a shortage of natural light coming through each elevation, while the green roof sits on top enjoying all day daylight.

Based on my feedback from my tutor, I have redesigned a Site Analysis document, the previous document was very difficult to read and so taking those comments on board I created another document using Indesign, containing 4 pages of images and text to give the reader a clearer idea of my chosen site and the ideas and reasons behind my choice of positioning and inspiration from the surroundings.

The green roof will sit on the micro-dwelling and my inspiration was taken from some online research.

Fig. 5 – A vegetative roof idea to sit as the roof on the micro-dwelling
Fig. 6 – Top view of the vegetative roof idea


Fig. 1 – 4 Walker, T (2021) Site Analysis [Indesign] in possession of: the author: Stoford

Fig. 5 – A vegetative roof idea to sit as the roof on the micro-dwelling (accessed 8.5.21)

Fig. 6 – Top view of the vegetative roof idea (accessed 8.5.21)

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