Design Development

Whilst designing my micro-dwelling and considering my client’s needs I have designed a dining area next to the bi-fold doors so that once they are open the seating will continue out to the decking area, this will be a sociable space to extend to outside as and when the weather allows.

This style of seating and eating area would sit 6 people comfortably but more stools could be stored away incase they are needed, folded stools would be perfect and they could be stored in the under stairs cupboard.

I chose to design tall stools and a tall table to compliment the tall bi-fold doors and the large Georgian style windows. I have sketched some more ideas to show the seating area and I have also sketched a section through the staircase to show the storage. As you will see there are two different styles of stair case, the first you would have hidden storage on one side, the other is open plan.

Fig. 1 – A sketch of the front elevation of the stair treads, tall table and stools in front of the bifold doors.
Fig. 2 – A side elevation sketch of the stair treads showing how the cupboards would sit on one side.
Fig. 3 – A side elevation section sketch of the stair treads leading up to the first floor snug area.
Fig. 4 – A sketch of how the stair treads would look open plan.

Fig. 1 – 4 Walker, T (2021) Drawings and sketches of the staircase and treads in different elevations [pencil/pen on paper] in possession of: the author: Stoford

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