Reflecting on my feedback of Assignment 5

My tutor noted that my site research seems thorough but I must make sure that when analysing site details that I feed this back into my designing. With this in mind I must remember to make notes on how I come to making decisions such as where and why I decided to place the dwelling on that particular site.

She was pleased with my written descriptions of my clients character, finding it imaginative and creative.

It was also noted that I may have seemed to have jumped-the-gun creatively before considering each tiny move that my client made. I do agree with my tutor, I get a design idea in my head and run with it, tweaking it a little on the way, but I do tend to find it difficult to veer away from an initial idea if I am really keen on it. I do find that with design development I am creating other ideas around that initial idea, I must try and hammer out all my ideas and exhaust them before I stick to one particular design. I’m hoping with time and learning that will become second nature.

My tutor noted that my technical drawings are improving and she commended me for tackling new software. I will admit that I really do love a challenge, learning Autocad was my challenge and I very much enjoyed learning to use it. I have more recently been in touch with other ID students and we help each other with any points that we may be stuck on, which is so helpful and I am so grateful for. I can improve on my Autocad drawing skills by making a difference in line weight to differentiate between the outer walls, inner walls, windows etc.

She also noted that my site analysis work was impressive but she found it difficult to see it clearly. Based on this feedback I will look again at the design layout of my site analysis work and look at changing the layout. I have a lot of images and information based on those images I need to display and so maybe I will create a report style piece to make it clearer for the reader.

To improve other areas of my work I will consider drawing a section of the staircase to let the reader know that the stairs are also used for storage and that the table and chairs are not a standard height, they are tall stools and a tall table.

Overall I am really pleased with my feedback, there are a few areas I need to re-visit and put in place before I finish for assessment. Nearly time to move on to part 3, that’s even more exciting!

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