Design Development

My tutor has always encouraged me to sketch ideas and not run with the first thought. I find this process really helpful but also difficult if I have an initial design in mind. I played around with dimensions of windows and doors and sketched a rough plan changing the layout, my main focus was to have a tall table with bar stools next to some bi-fold doors, once these doors are opened the seating area can be used both indoor and outdoor creating a sociable space.

Fig. 1 – Plan drawing of the micro-dwelling ground floor.

I placed a piece of tracing paper over the bedroom and bathroom area to show a first floor snug space, a place for George to be able to sit, enjoy the view through the gorgeous windows or listen to his vinyl records.

Fig. 2 – Plan drawing of the micro-dwelling first floor.

I then sketched a selection of elevations playing around with window sizes looking from the exterior, I was trying to see where to place them, how far up the wall should the window sit to look aesthetically from the exterior. It’s an easier process to place your windows inside when you are working around worktop space and furniture but how do they actually look from the outside as well? All of these design ideas help build a better picture when creating a whole building.

Fig. 3 – Design ideas in different elevations looking from the outside of the building.

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